Anna Katharina Ruhm


Product and Furniture Designer


born 27th May 1991


Berlin, Charlottenburg

“They became fragments because things were lost. It seems to me that the “venus de milo” would never have become so famous if she had arms.” (Susan Sontag)


This quote by Susan Sontag is leading to some key paradigms of my aesthetic vision, which concerns the relationship between body and self, the aesthetic of fragments and the sense of vulnerability. The fragmented object can be seen as an allegory for the vulnerability of our self. Assumed that when we talk about our body, we evoke something that is both physical and imaginary. That means that bodily “wholeness” cannot be entirely material, but always involves an immaterial supplement. In this view, the boundaries of “whole” body, are ever shifted and elusive, reaching out to incorporate fragments of the world, making `wholeness` impossible.